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Compac Industries Safe-T Bumpers – Safe Solution To Wobbly Toilet / Lavatory Seats – Safety For Children & Elderly People – No More Fixing Loose Or Unstable Loo Seats

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Product Information:

  • Secures any wobbly toilet seat
  • No more slipping and sliding
  • Simple to install
  • Fits almost any toilet seat
  • Ideal safety feature for children, the elderly and people with disabilities

Item Description

Safe-T Bumpers are a really useful idea to prevent the irritating
problem of slipping and sliding toilet seats.

Our specially designed angled ‘bumpers’ are incredibly simple to
affix using just 2 screws each. Once fitted, will totally secure the
toilet seat to prevent slipping and relieve wear and pressure from the
rear hinges.

Complete with clear instructions, Safe-T-Bumpers are easily fitted to
almost any type of toilet seat.

Fed up with constantly tightening bolts and adjusting hinges? Well
adjust no more! Safe-T Bumpers are simple to fit and put an end to the
problem of wobbly loo seats. Simply screw the brackets to your toilet seat
for instant stability.

Stabilise loose lavatory seats and prevent accidents. Our Safe-T-Bumpers
are a new solution to an old problem. They provide added safety in the
home by stopping toilet seats from slipping and saves you costly repairs
to seat and hinges.

What’s in the pack?
Each pack of Safe-T Bumpers contains :
– 2 right-angle bumpers;
– 4 screws, 13mm (15/16″) long;
– 2 rubber bands for positioning prior to screwing in.

The elastic bands are provided to help you position the brackets
accurately before you screw them in. Elastic bands are for positioning
purposes only and are not intended for stable permanent installation.

Simple to install. Requires drill (for pilot holes) and screwdriver.
Screws will not penetrate more than 10mm (3/8″). Suitable for all wooden
toilet seats. Not suitable for plastic seats.

Dimensions of each bracket :
– Length of side with screw holes : 4.5cm (1.75″);
– Height : 3cm (1.25″);
– Width : 1.7cm (0.75″).

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